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To find books by browsing our library shelves you will find the following Dewey Decimal Classification call numbers and categories helpful:

000Computer Sciences, Information and General Works
010 Bibliography060 General Organizations and Museum Sciences
020 Library and Information Sciences070 News Media, Journalism and Publishing
030 General Encyclopedic Works080 General Collections
040 Unassigned090 Manuscripts and Rare books
050 General Serial Publication
100Philosophy and Psychology
110 Metaphysics160 Logic
120 Epistemology170 Ethics
130 Parapsychology and Occultism180 Ancient, Medieval and Eastern Philosophy
140 Philosophical Schools of Thought190 Modern Western Philosophy
150 Psychology
210 Philosophy and Theory of Religion260 Christian Organization, Social Work and Worship
220 The Bible270 History of Christianity
230 Christianity and Christian Theology280 Christian Denominations
240 Christian Practice and Observance290 Other Religions
250 Christian Pastoral Practice and Religious Order
300Social Sciences
310 Statistics360 Social Problems and Social Services
320 Political Science370 Education
330 Economics380 Commerce, Communications and Transportation
340 Law390 Customs, Etiquette and Folklore
350 Public Administration and Military Science
410 Linguistics460 Spanish and Portuguese Languages
420 English and Old English Languages470 Latin and Italic Languages
430 German and Related Languages480 Classical and Modern Greek Languages
440 French and Related Languages490 Other Languages
450 Italian, Romanian and Related Languages
510 Mathematics560 Fossils and Prehistoric Life
520 Astronomy570 Life Sciences; Biology
530 Physics580 Plants (Botany
540 Chemistry590 Animals (Zoology)
550 Earth Sciences and Geology
610 Medicine and Health660 Chemical Engineering
620 Engineering670 Manufacturing
630 Agriculture680 Manufacture for Specific Uses
640 Home and Family Management690 Building and Construction
650 Management and Public Relations
700Arts and Recreation
710 Landscaping and Area Planning760 Graphics Arts
720 Architecture770 Photography and Computer Art
730 Sculpture, Ceramics and Metalwork780 Music
740 Drawing and Decorative Arts790 Sports, Games and Entertainment
750 Painting
810 American Literature in English860 Spanish and Portuguese Literatures
820 English and Old English Literature870 Latin and Italic Literatures
830 German and Related Literatures880 Classical and Modern Greek Literatures
840 French and Related Literatures890 Other Literatures
850 Italian, Romanian and Related Literatures
900History and Geography
910 Geography and Travel960 History of Africa
920 Biography and Genealogy970 History of North America
930 History and Ancient World (to ca. 499)980 History of South America
940 History of Europe990 History of Other Areas
950 History of Asia